From the tea-forest: explore our 2020 harvest

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The beauty of being organic

Today we took a breath under the amazing after-the-rain blue sky, and we walked in our tea forest. We were not alone: here is a brief picture diary of the small creatures we found on our trees. The beauty of being organic!

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Wild Honey

Wild honey skewers from the forest .. it had been left unattended by its bees, our farmer said.Amber color ambrosia and thousands herbs flavors;  close your eyes and feel all the flowers smell, the leaves feel, the tropical autumn warmth, the high altitude freshness of this living product of our forest.

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The abandoned Dayi Nannuo factory, and about the continuity of leaves

Close to our forests in the Nannuo mountain peak and our own tea factory there are the ruins of this gargantuan, old Menghai Cha Chang facility, whose technological vanguard and productive excellence led the whole tea industry, working on the once imperial tea leaves of the nearby peaks.It was born in the 1940 after a long period of studies and travels by a team composed by the best world tea expert of the time. The project had been commissioned by the Kuomingtang, the “blacks”, whose aim was to reach the maximum ever expressed by tea, as a pure Chinese cultural symbol. Mr. Yan Da worked there when he was between 10 and 34 years old, and now that turned 51...

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The traditional Chinese lanterns soul is made of wires, perfectly handcrafted by an artisan who has spent years and years looking for the ideal balance between every single wire of the thousands which composes it. Mr. Zhao is an old Beijinger artisan, who has learnt this art from his grandfather. His manual skills reached the top in the tradition, and Atlas Design Studio used his ability to create new designs bringing wires and illuminations to new steps. These new lamps are now in the most avantgarde hotels and private places of Beijing, and Mr. Zhao and Atlas are now developing new application to bring this artisan skills into new lives. Our three kind of tea leaves – white, red, and...

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