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Pu'er Shupu, Tuocha 2016
Pu'er Shupu, Tuocha 2016
Pu'er Shupu, Tuocha 2016
Pu'er Shupu, Tuocha 2016

Pu'er Shupu, Tuocha 2016

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Our Pu'er Shupu in the traditional shape that softly warps in your hands: it is called Tuocha, and it represents Yunnan and the diffusion of Pu'er Shupu all over China and the world. 

One of its old name was 姑娘茶, Guniangcha, that means "Young girl's tea", someone say coming from its femine shape, some others because of the softness of its body, and for the benefit that gives to women in general.

Its production has been first standardised in 1902 for Pu'er Sehng Pu, and in 1917 the shape became fixed in 8x4.5cm ca.

This Tuocha weights 100gr. and has been produced in 2016 by our trustful Menghai artisan, starting from our raw material. 
The Menghai area is the cradle of Shupu, due to the typical taste that tea acquires here 
thought fermentation, and to the skills of the local artisans, that are part of an historical production district based on tradition and professionalism. 

Pu'er Shupu 2016, 8x4.5 cm, 100gr.

Plantation altitude: 1750 meters
Origin: Southwest Yunnan, Nannuo Mountain
Flush: Spring 2016
Brewing time: Begin with a 10-second brew. Increase with each successive brew as needed.
Water temperature: 100° C
Number of brews: 8
Storage: Avoid heat, light and moisture