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Glass vase cold brew song dynasty Eastern Leaves
Glass vase cold brew song dynasty Eastern Leaves

Song Dynasty-Style Glass container

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A glass container inspired by the Song-Dynasty vases that made the history of the Chinese tea culture and ceremony.
It spills with precision, and we love to use it as water-container to prepare the white tea, or for our summertime cold brews.

Capacity: 500ml ; height: 17cm.

Originally, during the Song Dynasty (year 960—1279) this  kind of pot was used to prepare the green tea - that at that time was in powder version -  thanks to the special shape of the sprout that allows to immediately stop the spilling.
Later on, during the Ming Dynasty (1368―1644), when the  tea production became slightly more labor-saving with the introduction of the loose-leaf format, this shape od pottery almost disappeared.
The pot’s body is divided in 6 parts with 4 lines, shaped like a melon. Originally it was made of porcelain, gold, or silver, while nowadays is well regarded in transparent glass.

In the photo below, an original Song Dynasty vase.

Song Dynasty tea vase Eastern Leaves