Dalla nostra foresta: esplora il raccolto 2020

October's specials: 中秋 Zhongqiu, mid-autumn festival

Todays is mid-autumn, when the moon shines lit by the love of lady Chang'e who inhabits it, and we celebrate it with the first episode of a monthly series we imagined as a guide through our leaves, on a path that follows flavours, land, people, and fragrances.

中秋 Zhongqiu, mid-autumn leaves: the three special teas of this month.

The sunlight is still a comfortable warmth, and the blue of the sky is brighter, as is the air we breathe: this season Yin and Yang coexist, in a lively dance of sun and moon, of refreshing air and warming heat. Just like an autumn forest, whose colours slowly change from green to red, these tea leaves release an ever more intense warm aroma, that will accompany you through the multifaceted autumn days.

To give you a glimpse of the freshest hues, we prepared two taste-boxes with our best green teas: one is called Jiare, that means "heat", and explores three different ways to heat the fresh tea leaves; the second one is dedicated to Longjing tea, and during the quietness of the early autumn offers you to taste and compare different Longjing cultivars and grades.

The second tea is the most dynamic: Huangjinya yellow tea possesses both the freshness of the first autumn breeze, and the creamy warmth of the hidden sun rays. Harvested and produced in 2020, it is one of the rarest teas, that gives mellow hues of gold to our autumn forest.

Our third choice of the month is a red tea: Zhengshan Xiaozhong, known in the west as Lapsang Suchong, that we propose in unsmoked version.
It contains the elegance and the kindness of the first days of autumn, with reminiscence of this seasons flavours: the sweetest pumpkin, ripe and dry fruit, and a hint of the green wood ready to burn in your fireplace. The liquor shines of precious red shades, perfect to complete the transition to the crimson fire of autumn forests.

In order to let you appreciate the full transition of this beautiful forest, we designed a special offer for these three teas: with every purchase that contains one taste box, and one of the two teas mentioned above (either Huangjinya or Zhengshan Xiaozhong), the third tea is offered by us, in a 25 gr. Signature Pack.

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