Dalla nostra foresta: esplora il raccolto 2020

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A leafy journey

Two different events for a single complete experience to discover the major provinces in China for the production of the most refined teas. All six categories in a mesmerizing journey in which we will explore history, geography, and culture, through the different flavors of each area.

24/5/2020 - The two sides of Yangtze river

An introduction to the history of tea following the stream of Yangtze river, which divides China into two different areas. During the event we will taste:

  • Longjing green tea, from Zhejiang
  • Anjibai green tea, from Zhejiang
  • Huoshan Huangya yellow tea, Anhui
  • Qimen Xiangluo red tea, Anhui
  • 2012 Shoumei white tea, Fujian

31/5/2020 - Eastern Horizons and Southern Boundaries

Our journey continues to the Eastern and Southern areas of China. During this course we will discover Wuyishan and Yunnan, and we will taste:

  • Shuixian wulong tea, from Wuyishan
  • Dahongpao wulong tea, from Wuyishan
  • Dancong Osmanthus wulong, from Fenghuang
  • Wild forest Sheng Pu, from Nannuo
  • Wild forest Shu Pu, from Nannuo