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Events // Sips of Culture

Our Tearoom has always been a precious bridge between cultures, and an important vehicle to share with all tea lovers our experiences and, of course, our own tea leaves. After a period in which a warm hug was more harmful than a cold distancing, we have understood the importance of connecting with people who are separated from us by distance only. Therefore, we have designed a special online format for all our courses. Technology gives us some advantages: apart from the English teaching, there will also be a simultaneous translation in Italian, through Zoom's live chat. All participants will also receive a taste box directly at home, with all the teas to be tasted during, or after the course.

We believe that a direct human connection is nonetheless important, as the best tea cup is the one that is shared with others. So we want to also give the unique experience of participating to our events directly in our tearoom, with limited places in order to ensure the necessary distance, and the best-quality teaching.