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27/5/2020 - The two sides of The Yangtze river
27/5/2020 - The two sides of The Yangtze river

27/5/2020 - The two sides of The Yangtze river

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Wednesday May 27th, 6:30pm - online course

We will introduce the history of tea following the stream of Yangtze River, known in China as Chang Jiang 长江 - literally "long river". It is the longest river in Eurasia and divides China into two parts: north and south.

By following the river, we will explore the different areas of production of four categories of tea: green, yellow, red, and white. Our journey starts in the province of Zhejiang, home to some of the most important areas for green tea production. We will taste two of the most refined and famous green teas, both characterized by fresh notes and various degrees of sweetness that reveal hidden hues for you to discover at each infusion:

  • Longjing, from Meijiawu
  • Anjibaicha, from Anji

Then we will move on to Anhui province, where we will taste the surprising sweetness of Huoshan Huangya yellow tea; and the fragrance of Qimen Xiangluo red tea, that will entice our senses with its leaves, delicately hand-rolled into small precious spheres.

Our journey finally ends in Fujian province, which will delight our palate with a rare Shoumei white tea from 2012. The aging process gives this peculiar tea mellow notes of undergrowth, perfectly balanced by a natural sweetness reminiscent of wildflowers and honey.

Note: in order to have enough time for the shipment, and to receive the teas on time for the online tasting, we advise you to book your ticket by Monday, May 18th.


Vivian Zhang is tea master and farmer in Yunnan with Eastern Leaves.
Vivian has travelled the Chinese tea terroirs for over ten years, visiting plantations, gardens, and forests, studying in depth the leaves she loves with Chinese producers and masters.
She is an official trainer for the Chinese Tea Academy, licensed by MOHRSS Ministry in China, in Kunming and Europe.

This event is presented by The Tea Circle Brussels, active in the passionate promotion of the tea culture, values, and pleasure.

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