From the tea-forest: explore our 2020 harvest

31/5/2020 - Eastern Horizons and Southern Boundaries

31/5/2020 - Eastern Horizons and Southern Boundaries

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Sunday May 31st, 10am - online course

Our journey continues to the Eastern areas of China, which are the major producers of the best wulong teas.
The rocky soils of Wuyishan, in Fujian province, are famous for their legends and the minerality of their aroma. It is a place covered in mystery and surrounded by a thick mist that makes it even more magical and fascinating. We will taste Shuixian, its most delicate yancha - or rock tea - that preserves the natural rocky flavor of its area of origin, softened by a fragrant flower bouquet; and Dahongpao, the most famous rock tea, with the most mesmerizing floral aroma. Then we will move on to Guangdong, where we will discover the inebriating fragrance of Dancong Osmanthus, from Fenghuang.

Finally, we will fly over the great mountains of our Yunnan, and we will taste two different pu'er teas:

  • Wild Forest Pu'er Shengpu
  • Wild Forest Pu'er Shupu

Both teas come from Nannuo mountain. The leaves grow at 1800 meters asl and preserve the natural freshness of spring rains, with a lingering floral aftertaste that adds a light sweetness.

Note: in order to have enough time for the shipment, and to receive the teas on time for the online tasting, we advise you to book your ticket within Monday, May 25th. 

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