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2020 Huang Jin Ya, imperial harvest
2020 Huang Jin Ya, imperial harvest

2020 Huang Jin Ya, imperial harvest

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The rarity and preciousness of this special yellow tea from Zhejiang is fully expressed by the three characters that make up its name: 黄金芽 Huang Jin Ya, literally "golden buds".

In China, the color yellow is traditionally associated with the Emperor. In fact, only an emperor could have the privilege to admire the golden shimmer of this liquor, savor the delicate infusion, and enjoy its fresh aftertaste with subtle notes of cream and dried fruits.

The peculiar shape of Huang Jin Ya recalls to the mind the emerald needles of Anjibaicha green tea. In fact, this yellow tea is actually derived from Anjibaicha, which gives it a great concentration of amino acids, and thus a unique freshness. However, the tender buds of Huangjinya tea cultivar shine of a precious golden hue, warmer than the white candor of Anjibaicha buds.

Just like its green counterpart, this yellow tea is a perfect fit for a refreshing cold brew, but it can be also brewed in gongfucha, to better appreciate the subtle notes of each different brew.

25gr. signature package.

Origin: Anji, Zhejiang Province
Flush: Spring 2020
Storage: avoid heat, light, and moisture

Infusion Parameters

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 30 ml of water
Brewing time: Begin with a 30-second brew. Increase with each successive brew as needed. 
Water temperature: 75° C
Number of brews: 4-5

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 100 ml of water
Brewing time: 2:30 minutes
Water temperature: 75° C

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 100 ml of water
Brewing: put the tea leaves in room temperature water and steep for 6-7 hours. Filter the liquor and drink within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

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Charlotte KOCKMANN
Great quality, excellent taste, fabulous moment

This yellow tea is one of my favourite of this category. Very high quality, it has an excellent taste, and I spent a fabulous moment brewing and drinking that tea. As always, excellent offer and choices on that shop. I highly recommend.

Riccardo Foresto

Great as ever

Kristina P.

Exactly what I was looking for! The taste is fresh, reminds pea sprouts and leafy greens