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Handmade Teapot Jingdezhen Qiugu Ceramic Artist
Handmade Teapot Jingdezhen Qiugu Ceramic Artist
Handmade Chinese teapot
Handmade Chinese teapot

Kun Ling 坤灵, "Fairy", Qiugu Clay Handmade Teapot

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Kun Ling literally means “Female Spirit”, a sort of fairy, light in her movement yet very present in spirit and energy. It is sometimes dazzling and sometimes tender, and it has been designed to share your moment of bliss.
The ceramic comes from Neiqiu
Hold it in your hands, and feel like the inviting spring flows along your palm.

8.3*8.4 cm | ca. 190 ml

Artist: Da Juan

In his first youth he moved from his hometown in Hebei, nearby the famous ceramic district of Xingtai, to Jingdezhen, where he studied with the best masters to learn the traditional porcelain technique, that he combines with innovative way to treat the raw materials.
His parents still want him to get a stable job in the government, but nothing can keep him away from clay and travels.

This teapot is a co-design between Da Juan and Eastern Leaves, to find the best match possible between the material's formula, the shapes and our leaves.

Note on Neiqiu ceramic

Neiqiu, in southern Hebei Province, is the area where the famous historical Xing kilns were located. During the Tang dynasty (618-907 A.D.) it was the main firing center for white porcelain, also mentioned by Luyu in his "Cannon of Tea": "Xing has probably exceeded Yue in importance".
The typical white glaze is soft and smooth, with green or yellow tones; the inner structure is solid, and generally the base is left unglazed to reveal the original clay.

Why Qiugu 丘古 ?

We call this clay "Qiugu" using the character Qiu 丘 to indicate the provenience from Neiqiu district, as here above; the character Gu 古 means ancient (do you remember "Gushu", ancient trees..?), traditional, since the clay and its processing follow the same high quality, original tradition proper of that ancient district.