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19/4/2020 - Reading Luyu: the ten chapters at the origin of tea culture - Online course

19/4/2020 - Reading Luyu: the ten chapters at the origin of tea culture - Online course

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Sunday April 19th, 15:00 CEST
Online Course - includes our tea deluxe tastebox.

Luyu (733-804) is considered the first master in the history of tea, and his name ties with the origin of the culture itself.
Nowadays, more than one thousand years after his masterpiece, the Chajing, has been written, tea-scholars and passionate people still use his words to describe the present world of tea.

During this time together we will study and comment together the most important passages of his great opera.

1. 一之源: the tea trees location, shape, and benefit 
2. 二之具: the tools to pick up the leaves and to prepare tea
3. 三之造: how to prepare tea.
4. 四之器: how to boil and drink tea.
5. 五之煮: the technique to boil tea.
6.六之饮: how to drink tea, and what to add in the brew.
7. 七之事: stories recorded in books.
8. 八之出: tea areas in Tang dynasty.
9. 九之略: according to tea land, some tools are unnecessary to make tea. 
10. 十之图: how to keep the Chajing near the tea table.

We will go through the pages and the ancient tables, using the original paintings and inscriptions to study and understand the origin of our beloved leaves. 

Teas included in the package:
  • Taipinghoukui, Green Tea, loose-leaf
  • Qimenxiangluo, Red Tea, loose-leaf
  • Liubaocha, Black Tea, loose-leaf
  • Rougui, Rock Tea, loose-leaf

Note: the teas here-above, although described during the class, are not necessary to follow the lesson, but we like to think you'll brew them thinking about the artisans who made your ceramics.
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