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Jingdezhen handmade teapot, wood and clay
Jingdezhen dark-red teapot
Jingdezhen dark-red teapot
Shiyan 时宴, "Feast in the Nature" Jingdezhen ceramic teapot

Shiyan 时宴, "Feast in the Nature" Jingdezhen ceramic teapot

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The inspiring color for this piece of pottery is the flaming and intense red of the soil, enriched by centuries of natural deposit from the woods. The color is indeed obtained by adding natural wooden ash to the clay: it is a simple and natural material meant to represent the very daily essence of the forest, with its rough texture and grit like all the things which naturally spring and thrive.
Its capacity is 200 ml ca., for your daily comfort and gratification.

Artist: Da Juan

In his first youth he moved from his hometown in Hebei to Jingdezhen, where he studied with the best masters to learn the traditional porcelain technique, that he combines with innovative way to treat the raw materials.
His parents still want him to get a stable job in the government, but nothing can keep him away from clay and travels.

This teapot is a co-design between Da Juan and Eastern Leaves, to find the best match possible between the material's formula, the shapes and our leaves.

Note on Jingdezhen ceramic district

Jingdezhen is the oldest porcelain production area in China, since it has been producing high quality pottery for over 1700 years. During the Song dynasty, more than 1000 years ago, Jingdezhen artisans employed the mst advanced techinique in the world, deserving to be pointed as the imperial kilns.
With its abundance of high-quality clay and refractory materials, the excellent artistic workmanship, the purity of its shapes and the attractive colors, Jingdezhen porcelain products has had for centuries the best reputation all over the world.