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2019 Sheng pu - Single Trees, 100gr. Cake
2019 Sheng pu - Single Trees, 100gr. Cake

2019 Sheng pu - Single Trees, 100gr. Cake

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Our diamond in the rough, the most refined Ancient trees Sheng pu, produced using only the delicate leaves of the 11 oldest trees in Pasha. Seasons went by, year after year, for more than 500 years, enclosing their relentless succession into these leaves, and resulting in an unmatched flavor: fresh, pure, and daring in the mouth, with the most complex flavor that encapsulates the taste of time passing.

The single-tree tea is produced with special care in each passage, personally by our tea master who oversees the plucking, withering, and of course, shaqing, for which he has been awarded.

These particular leaves can be brewed up to twelve times. With each new infusion, they release new and ever-changing flavors, which invigorate different parts of the mouth, offering a unique tasting experience that starts at each sip.

It is our Ancient trees Sheng Pu at its utmost, in a special collector's format.

Harvested in Spring 2019

It is available in 100 gr. (3,5 oz.) pressed-cake format.

Plantation altitude: 1850 meters
Origin: Southwest Yunnan, Pasha Mountain
Flush: Spring 2019
Storage: Avoid heat, light, and moisture

Infusion Parameters

1 gr. of tea every 30 ml of water
 before starting the infusion, rinse the leaves with a very fast washing in order to let them rehydrate and release a more intense brew. Gently cover the leaves with boiling water and pour it after a few seconds.
Brewing time: Begin with a 10-15 second brew. Increase with each successive brew as needed. 
Water temperature: 100° C
Number of brews: 12

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 100 ml of water
Brewing time: 2-3 minutes
Water temperature: 100° C

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 100 ml of water
Brewing: put the tea leaves in room temperature water and steep for 6-7 hours. Filter the liquor and drink within 24 hours.