Eastern Leaves at the Beijing Design Week 2015

Posted by Lorenzo Barbieri on

Our Eastern Leaves have brought us to the Beijing Design Week, part of the installation by Atlas Design Studio.

There are our teas and there is a taciturn craftsman, a master of metal wire-works.

We are his wild tea house, resembling those wild tea houses that really existed during the Ming Dynasty, places that welcomed all the not-official people that couldn’t enter in the Forbidden City: it was the hearth of the old Beijing, among which the best artisans and hand-crafters, that went there to drink tea, to show and to teach their art.

Atlas Studio took our being “wild tea tree keepers” and made us the “wild tea house keepers”, the welcoming facade for a multitude of people with whom we have the invaluable privilege to talk with, every day, dozens of people a day, in front of a cup of high mountain tea, one to one or in heterogenous groups, for few minutes or few hours.

This crowd made of humanities of any sort, from creatives to monks, all of them passionate about something, is changing us, and our Eastern Leaves are our solid bridge to walk onto.

This living installation can be visited daily 10-18, till Oct 7th @ No. 97 Yangmeizhu Hutong, Dashilar, Beijing Design Week,

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