FIRST CHAPTER: one mountain, a thousand variations

Four seasons in tea

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Our tea club Four Seasons in Tea unites our Tea Academy and our Tea Tours: it takes you to tea forests and gardens, exploring a single terroir through the eyes of local farmers and experts.

It is a journey divided in four chapters, one for every season of the year. Each chapter is shipped quarterly, starting this September.

It is designed with the imagination of a traveler on the mountain, and village after village you make your way tasting and evaluating teas following the famous routes.

We start by focusing on Yunnan and Pu'er tea, slowly discovering small local productions and the flavour shades of each terroir, where the roads of Xishuangbanna will lead us.

The first chapter: shades of nannuo

One mountain, a thousand variations

Our journey starts from Nannuo, the mountain in which we live, the first and most loved land that hosts us: we explore together different villages at different altitudes, tasting their leaves and trying to understand the variations between micro-environments and trees.

Trees and villages

We start from the ecological trees of Shuihe village, at the base of Nannuo, and we climb our way to the mountain passing by four different forests of ancient trees and three more forests of big trees, for a total of eight teas.

It will be a travel of flavors of Nannuo mountain, that will allow you to create your own flavour-map and profile of the area.

Nannuo: one mountain, a thousand variations

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How does it work

A mountain experience at your tea table

In each chapter of our year together we keep the same logic: bring you with us in a multi-layered exploration, whether you are a passionate drinker, a traveller, or a tea professional.

Each shipment includes: 7-10 tea samples of 15gr. each, a web page with information and graphics about the area and teas, and an online session with Vivian Zhang to share knowledge and impressions.

Each chapter can be purchased as a single product (until quantities last), or as a yearly subscription. Annual subscribers will enjoy a 10% discount on all our products with each subsequent shipment. 

Single shipping

7-10 teas 15gr. each

Access to an interactive page with all the element of the terroir: leaves, trees, geography, culture, and people.

Live Webinar with Vivian Zhang (recording available)

*88€ for Daye alumni and 2023 Tea Tour Travellers

Four-Seasons subscription

Everything in the single shipping, plus:

10% discount on all our teas and teaware shipped together with the following club chapter.

Preemption on the new teaware as soon as we receive it from our artisans

*321€ for Daye alumni and 2023 Tea Tour Travellers

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