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Eastern Leaves owns thirty hectares of wild tea plantation in Nannuo and Pasha Mountains, which flourishes naturally in the undergrowth of a centuries-old Yunnan high mountain forest.

Our tea is fully organic, and we interfere as little as possible with the growth of our trees. This is the reason we call ourselves wild forest keepers rather than farmers.


“One day we dared to dream. Our hearts fell in love with the ancient, the solid, the ephemeral. With history, with culture, with stewardship, with preservation. We fell in love with an ancient tea forest ensconced in the dreaming mountains of southwest Yunnan.

We purchased one of the worlds ancientest tea cradles. Nestled on a mountain shrouded in the mists of the altitudinal region, is our dream. We dream of ancient heritage preserved, a virgin forest unsullied, culture shared, and the “dew from heaven” in the form that pleased Lu Yu and our many ancients spread around the world.”

It is with this dream in mind that we started our company, Eastern Leaves.

~ Vivian and Lorenzo, Founders




The Ancient Tea Trees Forest

Among other varieties, our land is inhabited by ancient tea trees, 古树 (gushu). They have been growing wildly since their birth, 300-500 years ago, and their leaves transform into some of the finest pu’er teas which span the centuries. From the eleven older trees we produce our premium tea, which includes selected leaves from one ancient tree only.

Up till the last decade, this ancient tea trees forest has been in great danger. Fortunately, awareness about its priceless value has recently been raised, encouraging FAO to support the local government in efforts of preservation. We, too, would like to function as “keepers” of this world heritage ensuring that those who come after us receive the legacy that our forest contains. We take seriously the need to protect these mountains from harmful chemicals, exploitation, and over cultivation. We recognize that no one can truly own a mountain, but we can only maintain its beauty and integrity, and welcome anyone who wants to join us on this journey.