New collection

Dai-minority teaware

Hand-made with Yunnan heart and soil


New bundle

Autumn harvest

Our autumn harvest has just finished, and wr thought to propose a new bundle to savor the taste of Chunqiu 春秋, Spring and Autumn together


Tea farmers in Yunnan

Forested plantation and ancient trees

Leaves and clay


A walk among our trees

Follow Vivian walking through her ancient tea tress.


Tea forest in southwest Yunnan, China

Our best gaurantee is our land: visit us during the dry season, we will be happy to hike our land together.



Tearoom in Milan, Italy

A urban taste of our Wild Forest, and of the full range of Eastern Leaves Produced and Selected teas, to be infused in special tasting menus.

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Sophisticated by nature. Sustainable.

We produce pu’er, red and white teas in a thousands years old high mountain pristine forest we own, with the tea trees living freely in its undergrowth.

Our production

Further Eastern stories

Stay updated about our harvest, courses, and new teas.