Dai minority cup handcrafted in Yunnan, China- handmade glaze with local and natural clay, grey and blue, 50ml
Dai minority cup handcrafted in Yunnan, China- handmade glaze with local and natural clay, grey and blue, 50ml
Dai minority cup handcrafted in Yunnan, China- handmade glaze with local and natural clay, grey and blue, 50ml
Dai minority cup handcrafted in Yunnan, China- handmade glaze with local and natural clay, grey and blue, 50ml

Sky and Earth - 50 ml Dai cup

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Dai-minority traditional teaware

张老师 Zhang Laoshi's work

Zhang Laoshi's workshop is a real institution in Jinghong, Xishuangbanna; it is an ample courtyard with multiple traditional Dai buildings, hosting enough space for her work, for her kilns - including a Dragon kiln - , her beloved students, and of course an off-limits space where she develops new ideas.
There is also a small museum which gathers the pieces she has inherited by her family since five generations of Dai pottery masters in Banna.
Whereas Qiu Laoshi is the Dai tradition innovator, Ms. Zhang is the keeper of the original tradition and design, honed by her contemporary studies and a life of practice.

The soil she uses is sourced locally from Xishuangbanna, between the wild forests of Mengsong, Laobanzhang, and Yiwu. Each of her creations is a delicate and sincere expression of the Yunnan landscape, and all pieces bear her unique signature.

Customer Reviews

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Nichole Tandy
Perfect Gongfu cups

These are beautiful and perfect for my Gongfu tea moments!

Lovely Cup

Really nice cup. Beautiful and the right amount of tea.

Dear Kathrin, thank you very much for your review, we are happy to know it suits your needs both in terms of capacity, and above all as a beautiful handcraft.

A cup as a small guardian of a territory

A cup that is simply enchanting to the touch, an almost primitive sensation when sipping tea, a work that fits in the palm of the hand and is capable of being the custodian of a territory, which seems to contain all the feeling of searching for nature and a dimension not merely aesthetic, but of an identity to which it is a pleasure to reunite with each infusion.

Dear Kevin, thank you for your review, that encloses passion, poetic images, and an accurate description of the Yunnanese terroir: promoting artists like Zhang Laoshi, that live nearby our home and nearby our tea trees, is our way to render our beloved terroir with as many dimensions as possible.
We will surely translate your review for Mrs. Zhang, it is our way to let her communicate though her handcrafts.