Tea Room

It is the place we have long dreamed of, made of wood, that hosts everything we are: the teas from our forest, the teas we loved made by the best Chinese producers, unique hand-made ceramics from Yixing and Jingdezhen and Suyuan furniture, everything directly from China.

@ Milan, Italy (map)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 10:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Tasting menus by appointment only

Tea-tasting experience

Loose-leaf tales

Our tasting menus are composed of three teas, brewed in Chinese style gongfucha. Each tea is brewed for multiple times, according to an old Chinese saying: "the first brew is to judge water, the second brew is to judge the tea leaves, the third brew is to fully evaluate the taste of tea".
Each menu lasts about one hour, and prices vary from 25€ to 29€ per person, or 40-46€ per couple.

Gift a menu: send a tasting menu to a person you cherish, either with a digital or physical card, if you wish accompanied by some tea leaves. It will be our pleasure to welcome your guests with the same care you would use. Contact us for further details

古树 // Ancient Trees

From the centuries-old trees that live in our Eastern Leaves forest: 

- Ancient Tree Yueguangbai White Tea
- Ancient Trees Dianhong Red Tea
- Ancient Trees Pu'er Shengpu

野生 // From our forest

These leaves come from our tea forest, nourished on Nannuo mountain, Bama side.

- Wild Forest Yueguangbai White Tea
- Wild Forest Dianhong Red Tea
- Wild Forest Pu'er Shengpu

时 // Time Lapse

Three Shengpu teas from Nannuo mountain, that talk about time.

- Wild Forest Pu'er Shengpu 2017
- Wild Forest Pu'er Shengpu 2012
- Wild Forest Pu'er Shengpu 2008

山 // Mountains

Discover Yunnan through its most iconic mountains.

- Pu'er Shengpu, Youle 2022
- Pu'er Shengpu, Huazhuliangzi 2021
- Pu'er Shengpu, Yiwu 2008

一 // The finest teas

The finest and rarest teas, from ancient terroirs

Longjing Original Cultivar
Dahongpao Mother Tree
- Pu'er Shengpu single tree, Laoman'e

土 // Memories of clay

Tea leaves and Yixing clays, gifts from the earth.

Yixing Red Tea in Wendan
Dancong Gardenia in Wendan
- Liubaocha in Yayi

和 // Blend

Pure leaves of the highest quality blended together to create harmony.

Dahongpao banyan blended wulong
Guanzizai blended Pu'er Shengpu
Tea Horse Road Pu'er Shupu

花 // In bloom

Flowers, past and present, filling the air with the most fragrant aromas.

- Huabao, Purple Tea Flowers
Peach flower Tieguanyin
Dancong Orchid

你 // You - customised menu

Three teas that you can choose freely among our full production and selection, that reflect present emotions, once in a lifetime meetings, and evolving flavors.

The perfect teapot

Yixing fitting

Book a fitting session with us to freely touch and feel all the precious clays in our collection.

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