We offer wholesale discounts on all our leaves, with the same care and passion we use for our retail offer.
We ship either from Europe or directly from China, according to the tea and quantity you require, supporting the logistics of your order at our best.

We have wholesale prices for all the teas we produce and for our selection from other like-minded producers; according to your needs, we are also happy to source the teas that best support your clients and your ideas.

We have different packages for tea shops, specialty food and beverage projects, bars and restaurants, company CSR and gifting: contact us using the form below, we will be glad to listen to your needs and find together the best solution for your business.

The best Chinese terroir

Tea and teaware selection

We provide wholesale supply on both the teas we produce and on our selections from other like-minded producers; if required, we use our expertise to source the batch of tea that better satisfy your needs.

Many of these teas have been awarded at major Chinese tea fairs, and we don't purchase any leaf we wouldn't brew and love ourselves.

Most of our teaware is artisanal and is produced in unique pieces: upon request we can provide a customised production, or the sets for your service and retail.

Food and Beverage operators


Each business has its own features: it fulfils different needs, it creates its own dreams and expectations in its clients, and is made of people with a wide range of backgrounds.
We support your uniqueness with a customised offer, that includes the training you require and pace that best suits your needs.

Adopt the tea forest & gifts


Our tea-forest project wouldn't have been possible without the support of the companies that since the early days helped us adopting a piece of our forest: this program is now available for our corporate clients in Europe and US, and in exchange for your support we provide the tea from the trees you adopt for your corporate gifts, medias, and of course a sign with your name on our forest.