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Tea Seeds 茶籽,  a Journey into Chinese Tea - September 2021
Tea Seeds 茶籽,  a Journey into Chinese Tea - September 2021
Tea Seeds 茶籽,  a Journey into Chinese Tea - September 2021
Tea Seeds 茶籽,  a Journey into Chinese Tea - September 2021

Tea Seeds 茶籽, a Journey into Chinese Tea - September 2021

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Our new course "Tea Seeds", Chazi 茶籽 in Chinese language, is a travel along the flavours of 20 excellent teas that we will brew together in five virtual meetings.

It is designed for whom wants to deepen his or her knowledge of the ancient tea terroir of China, learning how to brew properly each tea guided by the teacher Vivian Zhang.

Vivian is a Chinese tea-master and a tea grower with Eastern Leaves, and her aim is to give you the most solid knowledge-base possible to start your own independent travel in this charming world of fragrances.

The topics focus on brewing techniques, the different ceramics and teaware production districts, the environment for tea drinking and of course we'll talk about the teas we are going to brew, indulging in our beloved leaves and their century-old history.

The course starts from September 23rd, 19:30-21:30 CEST + Q&A, for 5 Thursdays in a row, in Italian language: subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated.

The course is held on Zoom; you receive at home our deluxe box with the 20 teas necessary for the course, and we will always be available during the week to support your learning.
At the end of the course we will release a simple certification by Eastern Leaves as per your participation.

Basic Package: 5 classes + 20 teas

Gaiwan Package: basic package + gaiwan

Deluxe Package: basic package + ceremony set*

*The set includes: gaiwan, gongdaobei/faircup, tea-towel, bamboo clamps, leaf-tray, brewing tray, strainer, cup.

Free Shipping in continental Europe.

Seats are limited: purchase your course here, or write us at to receive further information, we will be glad to talk to you and to start together this charming path.

Following your purchase we will get in touch to define details, and to support your learning.

Note: this course is designed for who wishes to receive an extensive knowledge on Chinese teas, while our Xiaoye and Daye long-term courses are aimed to a deeper study of the Chinese terroirs, geography, language, history and tea-technique, committing as a Chinese professional would do.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wieteke Erkens
Loved the Chazi course!

I have spent 5 great Saturday mornings learning from Vivian. Loved it! It was so informative, I learned a lot about Chinese teaware and Chinese tea. And besides that, I would say it was what I could best describe with the Dutch word 'gezellig'. Would recommend it to every Chinese tealover who wants to dig a little deeper.

Philippine Schuijt
A wonderful introduction to brewing Chinese tea

Vivian is a warm, kind and knowledgeable teacher who inspired me to explore the world of Chinese tea even more. I would highly recommend this course.

Iris Thalhammer
A great tea journey to be continued

I am very thankful for the opportunity to learn from Eastern Leaves. Over 5 weeks we shared 25 cups of excellent tea. This was truly time well spent! So inspiring!

Fabrizio Cortese

Corso assolutamente utile per gli amanti del tè.
Fatto con molta professionalità e competenza.
Qualità elevata!!!