Dajinzhen 大金针 - Gold Needles Red Tea
Dajinzhen 大金针 - Gold Needles Red Tea
Dajinzhen 大金针 - Gold Needles Red Tea
Dajinzhen 大金针 - Gold Needles Red Tea
Dajinzhen 大金针 - Gold Needles Red Tea
Dajinzhen 大金针 - Gold Needles Red Tea

Dajinzhen 大金针 - Gold Needles Red Tea

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Selected farmers

The teas that do not come from our land are the result of a careful selection made among the best Chinese producers, who share the key points of Eastern Leaves: care for the environment, precise and accurate processing methods, and only best-quality teas.

The years of commitment to our land, taking care of the trees and trying to achieve to best quality through the leaf-processing, continuously learning season after season, allowed us to build valuable relationships with other tea-producers all over China that we are glad to support and share with you.

Our constantly updated offer includes all tea categories: white, green, yellow, red, dark (fermented heicha), and wulong.

Follow us on our social media channels, and travel with us to China to meet all our fellow producers!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joseph Orzano
Nice tea for hot weather

I made a refreshing ice tea with 8gg of leaves in .9lt of tap water. Then put in fridge over night. The resulting brew was excellent with a notable flavor of chicory.

Riccardo Foresto

2021 Dajinzhen - Gold Needles Red Tea

Filippo Amodeo

Davvero buono, sono rimasto piacevolmente sorpreso!

Papik Degan
Gemme preziose per sentirsi appagati

Grandi gemme dorate con un profumo così intenso da rimanerne affascinati. Aroma permeante di albicocche disidratate, miele, curcuma ed altre spezie in costante evoluzione. Dopo diverse infusioni mantiene ancora un nerbo così saldo che ti invoglia a non smettere di degustarlo.