Wild Forest - 300 ml Dai Gongdaobei - Eastern Leaves
Wild Forest - 300 ml Dai Gongdaobei - Eastern Leaves
Wild Forest - 300 ml Dai Gongdaobei - Eastern Leaves
Wild Forest - 300 ml Dai Gongdaobei - Eastern Leaves

Wild Forest - 300 ml Dai Gongdaobei

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邱老师 Qiu Laoshi's work

Dai-minority traditional teaware

We met Qiu Laoshi in 2016, when he was managing a kiln in Jinghong city center with a good team of students from the local university.
Few years ago he purchased a typical Dai house with an ample courtyard, surrounded by a lush vegetation; he renewed it and he now lives there together with his wife and an iron-made apprentice that can follow his impressive, enthusiastic pace.

Every year at the end of the dry season he tours his favorite pu’er mountains to collect their soil: he uses the local minerals to create series of Dai pottery dedicated to each mountain, reproducing the chemical composition - hence the hue - of each terroir.

Into the artist's studio

Have a glimpse into the studio of Qiu Laoshi and learn about his way of tea and clay in our latest blog article. We met the artist once again to present his work and his philosophy in the most intimate and deep way possible, to allow everyone who got enticed by his pieces to understand their true nature and the hidden value of his creations.

Read now

His creations share the natural beauty of locally sourced soils, and are identified by the artist's unique signature.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful piece \m/

I really like everything about this gongdaobei. Especially the groggy texture, that you can feel in your hand, also making your grip more firm. Plus, it is not that easy to find a pitcher of such a big capacity!

Dear Krzysztof, thank you for your kind review, we won't forget to forward your words to the artist himself: Mr. Qiu works especially with the natural texture of the materials, experimenting countless clays and glazes to obtain what he was looking for - and sometimes to be surprised by the materials themselves.
We wish you very nice brews with your guests and friends :-)