The Tea Taster Traveling Set

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Traveling with loose leaf tea, and being able to prepare it properly anywhere: at your friends house, in your hotel room, during a picnic, or to taste the freshly produced tea directly in the plantation.

This portable set has been designed by Zens. We bought it in a design shop in Milano, but there is no trace of it in any updated catalogue and we think we have caught one of the last ones …

We love the leather case, similar to an old binoculars case, with the brand Zeiss or Leica printed in it, ready to be posed on a table, or on the grass, opened and set up as a proper tea set.

There is everything you may need, from the brewing and serving cup to a tray to discharge the dirty water; it is practical, easy to use, and it reflects our brewing philosophy: tea is not necessary connected with any ceremony, mandatory procedures, or lifestyle, but only with your own taste.

We work everyday to obtain the best from our land, that is embodied in our leaves. Everything necessary to savor it is some water at a proper temperature, infused for a correct amount of time – according to your personal taste, and nothing more.

Tea, as all the high quality food with a precise provenience and a great care in its preparation, delivers a complex taste, multi-faced, that is part of the life enjoyment. We may associate tea with a certain place, a tea room, or maybe a heavy tea table placed in a certain area of our home; but we also like the idea to make it portable, free in every place, from wild to urban.



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