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Qimen Jinzhen - Artisanal Keemun
Qimen Jinzhen - Artisanal Keemun
Qimen Jinzhen - Artisanal Keemun

Qimen Jinzhen - Artisanal Keemun

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Jinzhen literally means "Gold Needles": the peculiarity of this tea lies, in fact, in its delicate needle shape. The oxidized leaves, naturally jet black in color, are enriched, both in aesthetics and in flavor, by the golden shimmer of the unripe buds.

It is one of the rarest Qimen teas, produced in Anhui and hardly known outside of China. It is, indeed, a real discovery: the tight needles, rolled by hand, open during the infusion, revealing the sweetest scent of autumn fruits, ripe, juicy, and soft. This unique flavor also has delicate cocoa notes and pleasant smoky hints.

Origin: Qimen County, Anhui Province
Flush: Spring 2020
Storage: avoid heat, light, and moisture


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Infusion Parameters

1 gr. of tea every 30 ml of water
Brewing time: Begin with a 15-second brew. Increase with each successive brew as needed. 
Water temperature: 85° C
Number of brews: 5-6

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 100 ml of water
Brewing time: 3 minutes
Water temperature: 85° C

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 100 ml of water
Brewing: put the tea leaves in room temperature water and steep for 7-8 hours. Filter the liquor and drink within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Maria Chiara De Simone
Wonderful Qimen

This Qimen is one of the best I have ever tried! Wonderful leaves and a delicious fragrance.

Stefano E.
Qimen Jinzhen

Beautiful leaves, fruity and floral at the same time. An excellent and elegant tea.

Joseph Orzano
Molto contento

Il tè è molto fresco e molto buono. Gli i istruzioni forniti aiutano la corretta preparazione. Ho già provato due tè neri e un oolong. Eccellente.

Anna Cuppini

I really enjoy every cup of this subtle yet tasty tea.
It is perfect for winter afternoons.