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Gongfucha: Chinese Tea Ceremony, Complete Set
Gongfucha: Chinese Tea Ceremony, Complete Set

Gongfucha: Chinese Tea Ceremony, Complete Set

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This complete set is thought for those who want to approach the traditional Chinese brewing way, and learn how to brew tea as a professional.

The Gongfucha Set is available in two different variants. The standard set includes:

- a tea ceremony tray (28x28cm), perfect for brewing tea wherever you are
- a pure white ceramic gaiwan (120 ml) and two cups (30 ml each), from Jingdezhen
- a glass gongdaobei (200 ml), the best choice for brewing any type of tea, and offering a liquor of the same intensity to each guest
- bamboo clamps and tray: it is important not to touch the delicate tea leaves with our hands, in order not to ruin them or influence the light fragrance. The bamboo tray is also useful to weigh the leaves and to analyze their quality before infusing them.
- a free tea towel, chosen among the different available patterns, an indispensable tool to keep your table clean while brewing
free session by Eastern Leaves on how to brew tea in the best way. This lesson lasts one hour, and it is available online through Zoom, or in our Tearoom in Milan. 

The deluxe set also includes our Signature Tastebox, containing six loose leaf teas produced by us on Nannuo and Lunan mountains.

Gong fu cha: the Chinese brewing way

The word gongfu 工夫 literally means "to do something that requires time and effort". In the world of tea, it means focusing completely on the quality of each brew, in order to savor the best liquor. 
This process doesn't follow any strict rule, as a rigid preparation is opposed to the spontaneous nature of tea. Gongfucha is a gentle flow of movements that leads to a pure liquor, and a pleasant moment. However, it is fundamental to use the correct tools, each with their own purpose, and their own beauty.

In Eastern Leaves we start from the forest where our teas grow, and we are glad to follow our leaves until they reach your teapot. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ivan Kola
My first tea set

From the fast delivery, very nice packaging to beautiful tea set, I am happy with this purchase. It serves me well and it was a crucial edition to my tea drinking experience!

Andrea Ghiani
Great Gong Fu Cha set!

I highly recommend the Gong Fu Cha set by Eastern Leaves to everyone willing to start brewing tea with a Gong Fu Cha style!
From their website to the detailed and nice written descriptions of their activity and products you easily get their genuine passion for tea and, most importantly, their willingness to share this knowledge with everyone!
A big plus of their Gong Fu Cha ceremony set is the individual class on how to properly brew tea: Alice held this class with kindness and professionality, she was very clear in her explanations and always willing to answer all your questions and doubts. I am very satisfied with the quality of the set, the perfect one to start your experience with Gong Fu Cha!
Last but not least, just buy the set with the tasting box included: a taste of their teas is definitely worth a try (I will surely buy more of their teas in the future!)

Samanta Del Maestro
Fantastic Gong Fu Cha ceremony set

Hello, I try to write in English even if I'm not so good in it.
It was an amazing experience; this is my first gaiwan and Nathalie was very patience and clear in explanation. In the last days I tried to practice and it is true what they say that when you try a gaiwan you cannot do without it any more. Thank you for your passion and knowledge.