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2020 Longjing - Cultivar 43
2020 Longjing - Cultivar 43

2020 Longjing - Cultivar 43

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25 gr. Signature Pack

Cultivar 43 is the most famous and widespread variety of Longjing - the Dragon Well tea. These peculiar tea leaves are dark green in color, and they are delicately hand-processed to ensure the best quality brewing. The gems of this cultivar sprout much before the traditional Qingming festival - which corresponds to the 4th or 5th of April - and the leaves are standard in shape and size.
The most careful observers will notice light yellow spots on the surface of the leaves, which might be mistaken for impurities: they are actually a precious indicator of the presence of buds, covered in white fur and rich in amino acids, that give this tea its amazing freshness. 

This cultivar will amaze all green tea enthusiasts with a subtle bamboo fragrance that will fill the air at each infusion, surprising the palate with a sweet aroma of boiled chestnuts and butternut pumpkin, and a lingering aftertaste of turnip and eucalyptus.
Its umami note also makes it a perfect choice for a refreshing cold brew on a hot summer day.

Origin: Meijiawu, Zhejiang Province
Flush: Spring 2020
Storage: avoid heat, light, and moisture

Infusion Parameters

Eastern Brewing

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 30 ml of water
Brewing time: Begin with a 30-second brew. Increase with each successive brew as needed. 
Water temperature: 75° C
Number of brews: 4-5

Western Brewing

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 100 ml of water
Brewing time: 2:30 minutes
Water temperature: 75° C

Cold Brew

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 100 ml of water
Brewing: put the tea leaves in room temperature water and steep for 6-7 hours. Filter the liquor and drink within 24 hours.