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Gaiwan - Moonflower
Gaiwan - Moonflower
Gaiwan - Moonflower
Gaiwan - Moonflower

Gaiwan - Moonflower

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The most careful observers will notice how this gaiwan changes according to the light it touches: just like moonflowers, which inspire the shape of its tray. With the daylight it will offer a variety of golden hues; at night, it will reveal its darkest side, acquiring a silver glaze, which will turn into green with the first morning light.  

It is made of porcelain and consists of three pieces, traditionally classified as follows: the lid symbolizes the sky, the tray represents the earth, and the cup, that stays between the two, is the human being in the nature. 

This gaiwan assures a proper brew preparation, due to a perfect manufacturing and material choice that doesn’t affect the tea leaves natural flavor.


Height: 60 mm
Tray diameter: 160 mm
Cup: diameter 950 mm * height 60 mm
Lid: diameter 80 mm * height 40 mm
Capacity: 140ml

The item is shipped from EU or China, according to your home country.

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