Qimen Xiangluo 祁门香螺 - Artisanal Keemun
Qimen Xiangluo 祁门香螺 - Artisanal Keemun
Qimen Xiangluo 祁门香螺 - Artisanal Keemun
Qimen Xiangluo 祁门香螺 - Artisanal Keemun

Qimen Xiangluo 祁门香螺 - Artisanal Keemun

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Selected farmers

The teas that do not come from our land are the result of a careful selection made among the best Chinese producers, who share the key points of Eastern Leaves: care for the environment, precise and accurate processing methods, and only best-quality teas.

The years of commitment to our land, taking care of the trees and trying to achieve to best quality through the leaf-processing, continuously learning season after season, allowed us to build valuable relationships with other tea-producers all over China that we are glad to support and share with you.

Our constantly updated offer includes all tea categories: white, green, yellow, dark (fermented heicha), and wulong.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nichole Tandy
Qiemn xiangluo

One of my absolute favorite hong cha’s! The flavor and aroma are incredible. I can feel it’s powerful Qi when I drink it.

Hugo Fernandes
a classic amongst westerners

Keemun tea, and all his different classifications as been a stable presence in my tea journey. This one just masters it all:smooth, full bodied, but what stuck with me is the fact, you can taste the tea as it is in his purest form. And thats why we drink Chinese tea Gong fu style !

Giovanni Palombi
fragrant and elegant Qimen tea

this tea is a beauty to see, with its elegant little leaves shaped like snails. a tea session with this tea is a journey through flavours: starting with red fruits, blueberries and dark chocolate of the first infusions and then going on with lychee, mandarin and more flowery notes of the next infusions. One of my favourite red teas.

Dear Giovanni, thank you for your detailed, charming tasting notes: these tiny leaves enclose so much craftsmanship, and release such a complex yet well balanced bouquet of flavors. It definitely one of our favourites as well, season after season.

Joseph Orzano
Tianjian Dark tea

I brewed today for first time. Was not shy about quantity, about 4 gg for a lt. Was not shy about brewing time, poured for 20 sec. then brewed for an additional 15/20sec. The result is excellent tea with a slightly sweet and sour aroma and a flavor with stong hints of caramel. Well done Esstern Tea!

Dear Joseph, thank you very much for your kind review! We love the way you describe the flavors, and we are committed to find more and more leaves that please your tea-sessions.