Eastern Leaves for Bocconi Alumni Global Conference 2016

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Eastern Leaves has been the proud technical partner of the Bocconi Alumni Global Conference 2016, at the Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai, March 10-11th 2016.

We prepared a tailor made gift box designed for the event: our Ancient Tea Trees White Tea wrapped in a high-quality paper box, personalized with the client logo. It also contains a leaflet, personalized as well with logos, event specific text and tea introduction.

We often hold open events and tastings where we meet people that are not into tea (not yet!), like it was for the thousands visitors during the Beijing Design Week, and to share our leaves, something we dedicate the totality of our time and energies, is the highest satisfaction. In this case, to see the over 250 guests to leave a Gala with our tea box in their hands, curious about it, coming over to know more information about this piece of China they were bringing with them, has made us particularly proud and happy of sharing.

Moreover, the guests were the Alumni of one of top management university in the world, and it has been incredibly stimulating to compare our story with other entrepreneurs and top managers ones, so keen on listening and so passionate in getting involved in our forest.

If you would like to receive further information about our corporate services and tailor-design gift boxes, please write at this email address, we will be glad to find the most suitable solution according to your brand values and preferences.




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