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Eastern Tea Academy

Courses, Masterclass and Events

After ten years since the beginning of our journey, first as tea scholars and then as producers, we want to offer a solid structure to our words, and pave the path for all tea enthusiasts.  We designed an educational program to enrich the knowledge and awareness on tea and to train future tea professionals, with the purpose to form skilled, conscious and critical tea drinkers, ready to keep improving and take an active part in the growing global industry of fine tea.


Our training courses are now all hosted online to allow a comprehensive and international participation. Each course includes the shipment of a tasting box with carefully selected high quality teas. Digital study material and fulltime support are also provided. Chazi course, or Tea Seeds, is focused on the art and practise of brewing tea, and can be followed independently from Xiaoye and Daye classes, that are our first and second level courses providing a deep knowledge of Chinese tea and the skills to become a professional tea taster.

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 Xiaoye // Small-Leaf

A long-term course on Chinese teas and terroir, with elements of Chinese language: the beginning of your independent travel into Chinese leaves and markets. 

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Daye // Big-Leaf

The official in-depth course to become a tea professional in China: we introduce advanced theory and tasting practices, with a final exam. It requires the Small-leaf course. 

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Tea Seed // Chazi

Our introduction to Chinese teas, with 5 lessons and 20 teas. The focus is on brewing, ceremony and ceramics.
The course is designed both passionate and connoisseurs. 
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Tasting Events // Masterclasses

We schedule monthly tastings and masterclasses, covered in one or two meetings each, with seasonal and rare teas from our studies and travels.

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The Teacher

Vivian Zhang is a tea master who graduated at the highest level from the Chinese Tea Academy, after attending courses in Beijing and completing her specialization in Kunming.
In 2014 she became a tea producer after founding her company, Eastern Leaves, on Mount Nannuo in Yunnan. Over the years, she has added the various degrees of the official training on tea - from the ceremony to the cultivation - to her liberal education in Ancient Chinese Literature.
In 2016 she graduated with a Master degree in Food and Beverage Management, at Bocconi University in Milan.
Together with Eastern Leaves, she divides her life between the mountains in Yunnan, and our studio and showroom in Milan, where she shares her experiences and the tea leaves she brings from her travels.


Upon passing the exam at the end of the Daye-Big Leaf level, a unique certificate in "Chinese Tea Taster and Connoisseur", legally registered with the Chinese Federation, will be issued by All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, Kunming headquarters.
Students in possession of said certificate are able to judge and accurately describe teas with respect to their own terroir, to brew tea as a professional, to trace the production techniques, and finally to understand and actively participate to market quotations.

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Talk with us

Book a 1-on-1 session on Zoom with Vivian Zhang, the teacher, to introduce ourself and to taylor our courses on your needs



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